Garantia limitada d’1 any | Si vols fer una devolució, truca al +44 (0) 1295 266.665 i t’ajudarem.

ACS cobreix amb garantia tots els productes de marca ACS personalitzats, contra fabricació defectuosa, fallada de components i/o materials durant un any a partir de la data de compra. Si fas una reclamació relacionada amb la garantia, t’agrairíem que ens proporcionessis el número de factura original.

La garantia no cobreix:

  • L’ús indegut o el dany accidental
  • El bloqueig ocasionat per la cera o per restes a l’auricular
  • Els intents de rectificació de persones no autoritzades
  • El pagament a l’encarregat de les impressions quan es bescanvia un cupó
  • Les despeses d’enviament i la tarifa d’embalatge quan es cancel•la un cupó
  • ACS retocarà o tornarà a fer qualsevol auricular que s’hagi retornat a causa d’un mal ajustament, en un període de 30 dies després de la compra.

Els filtres d’atenuació de la gamma PRO —amb l’excepció del filtre PRO27— també poden intercanviar-se només una vegada dins del període de 30 dies des de la recepció.

Només podem cobrir les despeses d’enviament dels articles retornats dins el continent del Regne Unit.

El cost d’enviament de la nostra garantia només cobreix l’enviament dins del continent del Regne Unit.

Volem que quedis completament satisfet. Si per algun motiu tens dificultats amb el producte, no n’estàs satisfet o no has quedat satisfet amb el nostre servei, et preguem que ens ho comuniquis.

Això no afecta els teus drets legals.

    • 5 star review  awesome fit and an awesome product! Couldnt be happier

      thumb Jesse Grushack
    • 5 star review  Thank you Ibiza Loves Ears for looking after me and my ears. In the beginning was a bit different but now i can't live without my earplugs. Full Recommend

      thumb Luiz Felippe Fell Reis
    • 5 star review  The industry taking responsibility in hearing conservation towards our global fan base <3

      thumb Joost Toast
    • 5 star review  Keep your ears happy and your music clean �

      thumb Gunnar Koppens
    • 5 star review  Very good profesionals and great products, proud and happy of my custom in ears!

      thumb Bernat Artigues Ribas
    • 5 star review  I'm the owner of custom made earplugs for more than 10 years now. We started as a group of friends wearing them because one of us became almost deaf. At that time lot's of people still were not wearing them because they 'missed' the soundthrill they said. I do not agree! There are different filterlevels and one of the most important things is timing. You really need to put in your earplugs BEFORE entering a venue. Only then you protect your ears AND you will have optimal 'thrill'. Custom made Earplugs don't only protect your ears, they also give you the ability to hear people better when they talk during the loud sounds. After 10 years my ears changed in form so my old plugs did not do the job anymore and started leaking sound. So time to renew my custom made plugs. In the Netherlands you can order your plugs in almost every hearing or optical store. Here in Ibiza, the island of dance, clubs and extreme soundsystems it was difficult to get custom mad earplugs. But thats all over now! Joost (Ibiza Loves Ears) makes them for you. Exactly how you want them. With different filters, but also with fancy colours if you want. Or almost invisible like mine. Just call Joost. He will come to your place and after a week or so you will experience 'clubbing' in a whole new and very protective way. If I look around I still see a too many people without ear protection. Don't play with your hearing. Because when it's too late... It's too late... and your hearing (or a big part of it) is finished. Think smart! Listen to your ears! Mart Groen, dancemusiclover!

      thumb Mart Groen
    • 5 star review  Best in the business, hit up Joost for all your music ear plug needs, the guy is a gent and professional Highly recommend

      thumb Gaz Kempster
    • 5 star review  Great people who cares about my health

      thumb Alejandro Montoya Almeida
    • 5 star review  Fantastic service, Joost comes to your home, to measure up and make a mold for your ears. A week or so later they are delivered to your door. I use mine all the time, when playing especially in really loud environments. I'd suggest anyone in the business should protect their ears, it's essential and Ibiza Ears can make that possible in a very simple and personal way.

      thumb Scott Gray
    • 5 star review  Professional and looking after the client on the best way possible!!! bravos x

      thumb Luca Ferretti