Damage to the ear caused to motorcyclists due to wind noise


The perfect conditions for motorcycling is when there is no wind and there is sun, however, motorcyclists do not realize that earplugs should be placed in order to protect themselves from damage caused by the air current, which is very strong and generates an uncomfortable noise, and before you notice these damages already have a constant beep. “After a while, I realized that I have to learn to live with this” – Steven van der Lugt.

The hearing damage in motorcyclists is very frequent, so much so that, the Royal Association of Dutch Motorcyclists (KNMV) strongly warns that they must protect the ears . This is not about the noise of the motorcycle, but the loud rumble of the wind as you drive. “Motorcyclists do not notice enough damage that the wind can cause them,” says Arjan Everink on RTL News.

Let’s talk about Steven van der Lugt (28) from Amsterdam, who is already two years old with permanent hearing problems. “There is a constant beep in my ear, and it is especially noticeable when there is a lot of silence, for example, when you go to sleep, the more you think about it, the more you feel the beep.”

Irreversible damage by the wind

All motorcyclists recognize that if you drive at a very high speed (on the highway, for example), the noise of the wind causes a loud sound around your hooves. The solution to this problem according to the KNMV is that motorcyclists should use earplugs; and this is the same advice that people who attend festivals and concerts often receive.

The hearing damage can occur quickly either driving to go to work every day, or to visit someone, or in a competition; this damage is irreversible; small hairs that are internally in the ear and that absorb the vibrations of the sound can tear and this has no repair.

Learning to live with it

Steven, he’s one of them, and he has to live with this damage. “At first it bothered me, I thought I would never leave again, a month later I realized … I have this, I must learn to deal with this, and fortunately I can still hear well”.

The motorcyclist drove two hours a day on the road to get to and from work. “I have bad luck with my height, I look over my windshield and my head is full of turbulence, the airflow causes a big noise in your head”.

Maximum 15 minutes

The faster you drive, the more problems you will have in the future. According to the manufacturer of plugs Alpine, with a speed of 100kmph, the volume of air flow under the helmet is 94 decibels. According to him, this means that you should drive for a maximum period of 15 minutes, otherwise you risk permanent hearing damage, if you drive at a speed of 120kmph, it should be for a maximum of 7 minutes.

When you protect yourself with earplugs, you can hear the traffic around you through the filters.



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