Ambient Series

Introducing the Enhanced Ambient Series


Elevating the realm of custom-fit vented in-ear monitors (IEMs) with professional-grade precision just took a significant leap forward!


Our Enhanced Ambient series IEMs represent a breakthrough in audio technology, seamlessly blending a top-tier listening experience, plush silicone comfort, and an acute awareness of your immediate surroundings. These cutting-edge IEMs stand out as the sole precision-tuned vented option on the market, featuring an exclusive patented ambient filter.


The Enhanced Ambient IEMs fulfill the long-standing dreams of many musicians by offering:


  • Mitigation of the occlusion effect commonly experienced with custom-fit IEMs.
  • Unparalleled ability to stay attuned to your environment—whether on stage, in the studio, or navigating the city streets.
  • Seamless communication with fellow musicians and the ability to catch off-mic cues on stage.
  • A non-isolating experience, ensuring you remain connected to your performance environment.
  • Ear canal ventilation, reducing fatigue and enhancing comfort during extended use.
  • Most importantly, a vented IEM that preserves 100% of high-fidelity sound quality and low-frequency response.


Paired with state-of-the-art balanced armature speakers, groundbreaking patent-pending technology, and our proprietary crossovers, these IEMs deliver the music precisely as intended. The result is an expansive sound stage for your Monitor Mix.


Please note: To craft your tailor-made, bespoke fitting IEMs, we require impressions of your ears. Our ear impression service, available throughout Spain, is complimentary with your purchase.

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