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NEW! Pacato 16 from ACS delivers the same quality package as the Pacato 19 with lower attenuation and flattest response on the universal earplug market.

Average protection value: 16dB

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ACS Pacato 16 Universal Earplugs offer a new level of fidelity and comfort. Ready to be used.

Average protection value: 16dB

Available in different sizes, the insertion of the Pacato is comfortable and very discreet. It offers a more natural sound than any generic earplug. With Pacato you can hear what you need with all the necessary clarity, thus being able to converse and communicate easily without putting your hearing at risk.

Pacato are one of the most discreet universal earplugs available. They have an inlet filter that makes it easy for the plug to fit comfortably in the ear without any protrusion. This makes them ideal for use under other accessories (such as caps or hats) or in any situation where you want the cap to go unnoticed.

Offering an average of 19dB of protection, the Pacato is suitable for use in amplified music environments or other loud noise environments. It keeps your hearing safe from any exposure to excessive noise, but at the same time ensures that you remain plugged into the performance. Using Pacato universal earplugs you can enjoy your music at your level of convenience. And also without losing the fidelity of the sound, as could happen with other foam earplugs. The Pacato maintain the entire atmosphere around you, allowing you to continue hearing what is happening in your immediate environment and communicate clearly with others. This way you won’t feel isolated from the music, the atmosphere or the people around you, while still keeping your hearing safe.


Trying to create a natural-sounding earplug is no easy task when it comes to your own voice. As you may have experienced, when you block the ear canal your own voice begins to echo inside your head, this is what we call occlusion. A sound that is carried to your ear canals through the cartilage on the sides of your head is what causes the occlusion. It generally escapes through the open ear canal so it cannot be heard. When we block the channel this sound cannot escape and therefore creates that explosion effect.

Much of the occlusion can be eliminated by ensuring that the earplug sits deep enough in the ear canal to extend through the cartilage. This ensures that the sound hits the plug and is muffled instead of entering the channel completely. But Pacato caps go one step further. The Pacato are created to allow sound to pass in both ways, thus allowing residual sound to escape directly through the filter, providing a very natural sound.


Pacato hearing protectors also offer resistance to debris and wax buildup. They are protected by an outer layer, with a hard outer shell, this means that the fabric filter membrane is protected from unwanted elements. That is, your earplug will continue to perform in adverse conditions. But, in addition, the filters and hearing protectors can be cleaned to maintain them for a long period of time.

ACS Pacato hearing protectors offer a perfect cost-effective solution to protect your hearing in a variety of environments. Thus ensuring that you get the most natural sound among all the earplugs currently available.

If you need hearing protection for military or hunting use for any reason, then check out our ACS Pro Impulse filters. View our range of earplugs online.