ACS se estableció en 1994 como una empresa dedicada a la conservación de la audición y la fabricación de productos a medida para la protección auditiva.

Tras la presentación de los protectores auditivos de la serie ER reconocidos mundialmente, diseñados específicamente para músicos, y su primer monitor in ear, el T3, ACS desarrolló rápidamente una reputación por si misma entre músicos y amantes de la música.

ACS continuó desarrollando su propia gama de filtros de protección auditiva e introdujo la Serie PRO, que ahora es el producto de protección auditiva que usan miles de personas en todo el mundo, extendiéndose más allá del sector de la música hacia la industria, el ejército y los deportes de motor.

Con una reputación cada vez mayor entre músicos y audiófilos, ACS ha seguido desarrollando sus monitores in ear, presentando una nueva gama de monitores con el objetivo de proporcionar un excelente ajuste y sonido para todos. Los modelos específicos para consumidores y los PRO han permitido a ACS satisfacer mejor las necesidades y deseos de sus clientes.

El continuo desarrollo de su línea de productos y la necesidad de innovar en todas las áreas, todavía impulsa a la compañía a ofrecer lo mejor en productos y servicios por los cuales se hizo famosa, entendiendo que cada producto es un artículo exclusivo y cada cliente es completamente único.

ACS también ha aumentado su reputación internacional a través de una gama de distribuidores, socios de fabricación e instalaciones especializadas de ACS. ACS ahora opera en más de 24 países en todo el mundo.

ACS es una compañía privada del Reino Unido.
ACS utiliza tecnología de fabricación 3D de última generación para obtener un producto preciso y reproducible.
ACS tiene una extensa gama de productos certificados.
ACS es una empresa con certificación ISO 9001:2015, con reconocimiento internacional.
ACS ofrece un buen servicio al cliente.

ACS está registrada en Inglaterra y Gales, No: 03189815
Número de IVA: 660528635
BS EN 352-2 registro ISO 9001:2015 No GB 15099

    • 5 star review  Very good profesionals and great products, proud and happy of my custom in ears!

      Bernat Artigues Ribas Avatar Bernat Artigues Ribas
      August 5, 2018
    • 5 star review  The industry taking responsibility in hearing conservation towards our global fan base <3

      Joost Toast Avatar Joost Toast
      June 30, 2017
    • 5 star review  Fantastic service, Joost comes to your home, to measure up and make a mold for your ears. A week or so later they are delivered to your door. I use mine all the time, when playing especially in really loud environments. I'd suggest anyone in the business should protect their ears, it's essential and Ibiza Ears can make that possible in a very simple and personal way.

      Scott Gray Avatar Scott Gray
      July 27, 2018
    • 5 star review  After a night dancing the day after a normal hearing�

      Jetty Korendijk Avatar Jetty Korendijk
      July 19, 2018
    • 5 star review  Joost is a nice guy who knows his stuff, and handles the making of the ear impressions very well. The ear plugs fit nicely and work as promised. Hardly any occlusion as far as I can tell and great noise protection while being very much able to understand what people nearby are saying in a club or bar with loud music.

      Francois Free Bidó Avatar Francois Free Bidó
      July 29, 2018
    • 5 star review  I'm the owner of custom made earplugs for more than 10 years now. We started as a group of friends wearing them because one of us became almost deaf. At that time lot's of people still were not wearing them because they 'missed' the soundthrill they said. I do not agree! There are different filterlevels and one of the most important things is timing. You really need to put in your earplugs BEFORE entering a venue. Only then you protect your ears AND you will have optimal 'thrill'. Custom made Earplugs don't only protect your ears, they also give you the ability to hear people better when they talk during the loud sounds. After 10 years my ears changed in form so my old plugs did not do the job anymore and started leaking sound. So time to renew my custom made plugs. In the Netherlands you can order your plugs in almost every hearing or optical store. Here in Ibiza, the island of dance, clubs and extreme soundsystems it was difficult to get custom mad earplugs. But thats all over now! Joost (Ibiza Loves Ears) makes them for you. Exactly how you want them. With different filters, but also with fancy colours if you want. Or almost invisible like mine. Just call Joost. He will come to your place and after a week or so you will experience 'clubbing' in a whole new and very protective way. If I look around I still see a too many people without ear protection. Don't play with your hearing. Because when it's too late... It's too late... and your hearing (or a big part of it) is finished. Think smart! Listen to your ears! Mart Groen, dancemusiclover!

      Mart Groen Avatar Mart Groen
      July 28, 2018
    • 5 star review  hey ho...massive support for this product...!!! ...I am very happy with my new protectors... ...2 bodyguards for my personal main sence... ...I will never go out again without those 2... ...thanx to joost for working this out, creating and delivery have been fast as just get you some...and" the groove is got to be shaken, not stirred"...

      Enrico Regini Avatar Enrico Regini
      July 28, 2018
    • 5 star review  save the ears! :)

      Justin Kuijt Avatar Justin Kuijt
      June 21, 2017
    • 5 star review  Joost great dude for looking after me and my ears. It was different at first using them during my sets but now I couldn’t imagine doing a set without them. No more nights of ringing ears. ���

      Jameson Gilvarry Avatar Jameson Gilvarry
      July 26, 2018
    • 5 star review  Best in the business, hit up Joost for all your music ear plug needs, the guy is a gent and professional Highly recommend

      Gaz Kempster Avatar Gaz Kempster
      July 27, 2018